IDACT 2.1-28

Agyeman Danso
Agyeman Danso

Version Update 2.1-28

Infolock is pleased to announce the immediate release of IDACT (INSIGHT DLP Appliance Configuration Tool) version 2.1-28. This release provides the following:

  1. New feature enhancements and bug fixes.
  2. Support for Symantec DLP v15.7.03
  3. Stability improvements.
  4. An update for the IDACT OS on the INSIGHT appliance, Enforce, and all running Linux detection servers.

Important Notes

  1. The INSIGHT Web UI services must be enabled and running before this IDACT update.
  2. Verify that all servers (Appliances and SDLP VMs) have internet access to over ports 80 (default) or 443. If you plan to use port 443 for IDACT updates, please review Update Repo from port 80(http) to 443(https)
  3. If using a proxy, please verify the below files on each host and VM is configured correctly:
    1. /etc/yum.conf
    2. /etc/wgetrc
  4. It is recommend that after every IDACT update the Appliance and SDLP VMs be restarted/rebooted.

Unsupported Versions

Symantec DLP v14.5 and later is not supported on IDACT v1.x appliances and some early versions of IDACT v2.x (v2.0-x to 2.1-6). If you are running IDACT v1 or have any concerns about the version you're running, please contact support.

How to check your version:

  1. Log into your Enforce or a Detection server (not the appliance itself).
  2. Run cat /etc/redhat-release.
  3. Run cat /etc/IDACT-release.

If the output indicates CentOS 5.x and IDACT 2.1-6 or earlier, then Symantec DLP v14.5 or later will not run.

Release Scope

This release will only update the underlying OS and IDACT software - it will not upgrade your DLP release. If you require a DLP release upgrade on your INSIGHT appliance, please find the latest Upgrade Guide version within the support portal at  INSIGHT 15.7.03 Upgrade Guide.


Before Upgrading Symantec DLP or IDACT Firmware

We strongly recommend you check the INSIGHT DLP Appliance Support Matrix before attempting to upgrade the Symantec DLP software and/or the INSIGHT DLP Appliance IDACT firmware. This is to determine if the desired version is supported on your appliance model.

Failure to abide by the supportability matrix may put your INSIGHT DLP Appliance into an unsupported configuration, resulting in incompatibility-related issues or failures.


To Update the IDACT Version


A. Via SSH:
*When using SSH to do updates you will be able to see output of running updates and related errors.

  1. Log into each Infolock INSIGHT DLP Appliance via SSH as Appuser.
  2. Issue the following command: update

or B. Via Appliance WebUI:
*When using Appliance WebUI to do updates you will not see output of running update.

  1. Log into each Infolock INSIGHT DLP Appliance WebUI as Appuser.
  2. Navigate to the "Device List" page
  3. Select: update
    *Please allow up to 30 minuses for this first update to complete before executing it again.
  4. Select: update
    *For this current version please run "update" twice

*If there are any errors or warnings please re-run "update"

* It is recommend that you run to fix any kernel issues on all Appliances and VMs (Enforce and Detection servers). See section "After Updating" below for more details.

*If the Appliance Web UI does not start after the update, please reboot the Appliance host. Please see below.


After Updating

A. We recommend that you run the below to fix any kernel issues on all Appliances and VMs (Enforce and Detection servers):

As a protect user on the appliance:
OR As appuser on the VMs (Enforce and Detection servers):
Run sudo /opt/appliance/ Run sudo /opt/appliance/


B. It is recommended to always restart/reboot after every IDACT update. Please reboot the Appliance host and all running SDLP servers via the Appliance WebUI or SSH.

As appuser via Appliance WebUI
Navigate to Device List and select server then select restart

================= OR =================

As appuser via SSH to the Appliance
AND As appuser via SSH to Enforce and Detection server VMs
Run restart Appliance
Run sudo shutdown -r now


C. If the Appliance Web UI does not start after the update, please reboot the appliance host or log into it via SSH and take the following action. 

As appuser: OR As protect user:
Run service_restart Run sudo service appliance-web restart


Obtaining Support

If you require technical assistance with this issue, have any questions, or require further information, please contact the Infolock Support Team at or via


Infolock Support Team


IDACT 2.1-28 Change log:

- Minor update.


- Support for SDLP 15.7.03.


- Support for SDLP 15.7.03.